Charles and Ada Williams Scholarship

In 1916, Charles and Ada Williams bought a farm in the southern portion of Washington County. The couple had three daughters: Harriet, Wilma and Margaret. They instilled in them the desire to work hard and learn as much as they could in life.

In 1986, Harriet and her husband, Stephen, formed the Charles and Ada Williams Memorial Scholarship Fund, Inc. The purpose of the fund was to memorialize the contribution of Charles R. Williams and Ada C. Williams to the development and improvement of Washington County, Indiana, through their work and contributions in kind to the Washington County Soil and Water Conservation District, the West Washington School Corporation, and community facilities of Howard Township.

Harriet died in 1998 in Honolulu County, Hawaii and her husband in 2008. After his death, the residence on the farm and all the land was eventually sold with all the money going to the scholarship fund. The West Washington School Board decided to give the money to the Washington County Community Foundation to continue the Williams Scholarship Fund.

For more information, contact the West Washington Guidance Office.