Education Matters Scholarship

Education Matters is a regional undertaking organized by the community foundations that serve Washington, Scott, Harrison, Clark and Floyd counties to try to increase the number of working adults in our region who started but never completed some form of post-secondary education - education that extends beyond high school.

You might be surprised to learn that in Southeast Indiana, only 25% of our workforce has an associate's, bachelors or professional degree, compared to 38% nationally. Yet one in four of our community's adult workers has earned some college credits! That's over 40,000 people in our area! For whatever reason, they started but never completed their post-secondary education. This represents a tremendous amount of untapped potential in our community.


The following criteria have been established for this first round of scholarships:

  1. Annual awards will not exceed $3,000 the first twelve months and $5,000 per person in any subsequent twelve month period.
  2. Scholarship applicants must be 28 years old as of the date of application.
  3. Only individuals who can demonstrate continuing legal residence in Washington County for at least the past five years are eligible. Documentation such as tax forms, housing receipts, or utility bills will be used to verify residency and/or household income.
  4. Scholarship awards may be used for tuition, course-related fees, or books only. Checks will only be written to an educational institution or certified training provider.
  5. Adult scholarship awards may not be used to pay for college debt.
  6. Subsequent awards will only be considered for students maintaining at least a 2.5 GPA. 

College Cost Estimator

Click the link below to estimate your college costs, you will need to provide this information with your application.

Good luck in submitting your scholarship application and please feel free to contact the Washington County Community Foundation office for assistance.

    Download Scholarship Application in Microsoft Word Format 68kb
    Download Scholarship Application in Adobe Acrobat PDF Format 105kb

Please return application and all documents to the address below. If you are mailing documents, two first class stamps may be required.

Education Matters Scholarship
Washington County Community Foundation
PO Box 50
Salem, IN  47167